Hi Friends! Let me at the very outset wish you all a very Happy Diwali. I just dropped by to share with you one of my experiences. It was really a fun filled experience to win the second award in the firework competetion held by our local club today (October 8th) evening. I just wanted let you guys know hoe I made those fountains. It's really easy and took me only a couple of hour to make some of them. Here's how I made them:

Ingredients Used:
1. SOra
2. Sulphur
3. Charcoal
4. Iron flakes

Step 1 -- I took a news paper and spread it on the floor. The fan was switched off.
Step 2-- I poured all the ingredients over the news paper at a ratio of 16:12:4:3.That is to say when sora is 16 grams, the ironflakes will be will be 12 grams , charcoal will be 4 grams and sulphur3 grams.
Step 3 -- Make all the ingredient except the iron flakes a fine powder.
step 4 -- I mixed them well, so that it becomes a complete mixture.
Step 5 -- I took a earthen pot (the one that are specially designed for the purpose) and Poured the entire mixture into it.
Step 6 -- I stuffed the pot tightly with the mixture, pushing it with lightly with my thumb and the index finger.
Step 7 -- When it's fully stuffed, I covered it by pasting paper all over.

The ironflakes gives golden red colors. You can try out my way of making fountains, but on the other levels I shall also ask you to be very careful while stuffing. It may catch fire by friction during stuffing. YOu can use alluminium Chips or Flakes, If you want the faire to be electric white.

However, the saddest part of the story is that I can't say what actually "sora" stands for in english, but it is known by this particular word amidst the dealer community who are engaged in selling pyrogenic chemicals and other essential ingredients. I would like to have your helping hand extended towards me from those who actually know what Sora is and what is its appropriate engilsh terminology.


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