I want to see her atleast for once...

All of us has received many cards in his her life time, I too have received many more than I can safely keep. These cards have a lot to say. This year while cleaning for my diwali I found a set of cards and few letters from my first girl friend. I just Read each card all over again and again wishing very dearly for a chance to turn back the time even if its for a short while,to be with her wish her and HUG HER. I am married now But i still desire to meet her once.. Hope I will be able to someday. If she by chance breezes through this blog then For Her " I still care for you.
Be happy"


Smita said…
Sad or happy? we will never know with unfinished love stories ;|
ekta odbhut dharona chilo tomar somporke...choto belay dekhechi tomay...ami tomari kono bishesh bhalo bondhur bondhu chilam...aj ekta touchy lekha tomar pore besh bhalo laglo...sei bondhuti to somoye er sathe onek palteche...ar tumi-o hoyto.tomar purono din amakeo onek purono smriti firie dilo...thanks for sharing all these with us.bhalo theko.

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