What is Click Exchange? And How Important is It?

What is click exchange? And How Important is it?

Webmasters are always interested in getting quality targetted traffic to their web site,. Without a doubt many of the new webmasters will have a try on the free traffic exchange program all over the Internet. Who do you think is going to be more likely to subscribe to your e-zine, download your trial software, purchase your product, etc? Someone who has read a short description of your site and decides to click to your site out of their own curiosity and/or interest or someone who is forced to view your site automatically? Its anybody’s guess! Click exchanges generates visitors that are eager to learn more about what you're offering - visitors that are far more likely to take the action you want them to - because they have chosen to visit your site. And unlike most other traffic-exchanges, when you join my select click exchange your site is exposed to potentially 1000s of new and unique visitors who is REALLY INTERESTED in what you offer, each and every minute - not just other members of the traffic-exchange network.

So the question is, does it work?

My select click exchanges combines the best features of other popular traffic-generation systems with proven site promotion strategies and the result is something totally unique and much more powerful than anything you've seen or done before. Guaranteed! Take advantage of this foolproof system and you too can generate a swarm of targeted traffic to your site. The Setup Wizard will walk you through the entire process and it only takes 5 minutes ... Join for Free and increase traffic to your site with the Internet's best online promotion strategy.

First, You got traffic and a lot of traffic without paying a dime. Some of your traffic will actually click on your ad or buy products from your site. Most importantly, it is free! (The best weapon on internet marketing Ever)

So how does it work?

It works on the traffic exchange. As mentioned before, you actually get "traffic" from those programs and it is only a matter of fact on "HOW" you attract your customers to spend 1 minute to read your products or your web site. The beauty of traffic exchange program is that, over 90% of the people in this program are either webmasters or marketers. If you have products or service targeting this group of people, traffic exchange program will no doubt be top choice.

Even though this program is quite similar to many of the other marketing traffic programs out there, my select click exchanges does have some distinct differences that we believe are keeping these programs alive. I have used it for quite some time to promote more than one of my web sites and have received hundreds of hits per month, as well as proven revenue as a result of this program.

How it Works?

It's simple. You just enter some basic information about the site(s) that you want to promote - a Category, the URL, a Title, and a Description. This information is used to generate targeted links to your site, which are then displayed throughout the click exchange network - including the incredibly popular "Start Page" system,

And the automated Anti-Cheat monitoring systems mean that you're guaranteed only real, live, targeted visitors to your site(s). The number of times your links are shown is based on a simple "credit" system - each credit that you earn or purchase represents another targeted link to your site.

Listed below are the many ways to earn traffic credits ...

• Set your browser's Start Page to your custom click exchange URL, and you will earn 1 credit each time you open your browser.

• Click on other users' links on your Start Page and you'll randomly earn credits for each site you visit.

• Use the Search Engine to find what you're looking for, and earn credits for each site you visit.

• You can also earn free "mystery credits", Each of the exchange I recommend have their unique twists like some have quizzes, some have lottery and they give out a lot of credits. I earn around 2000 free credit every week fro these exchanges.

• Refer other webmasters to My select click exchanges (you will NOT believe how EASY this is, in fact, it happens automatically!), and you will also earn for each new activated user you refer and earn credit each time they open THEIR browser

So as you can see, there are several ways to earn free credits to your site. And every time a credit is earned, your site will be displayed inside the network.

The reason I believe this works better than most Multi Level Marketing (MLM) programs is because they do their best to target the links so your web site is shown to people that are potentially interested in your web site's content.

Most MLM networks simply just display your link randomly so the people viewing the link to your site may have no interest whatsoever.

My select click exchanges users seem more responsive and you will get more signups from this exchange than most others. Good signup bonuses and you also earn credit from your down line.

Here are some of TrafficSwarm’s unmatched features:

• My select click exchanges are FREE: You just can’t beat the appeal of no-cost online advertising.

• My select click exchanges are Automated: Set it up in five minutes, then forget about it. Make time your ally today!

• My select click exchanges are Targeted: You’ll only get live, real-time targeted traffic. Real people choose to click on your ad. No fake traffic here.

• My select click exchanges are Cheat-Proof: Chiselers and click-bots can’t waste your credits. Our system ensures you get only real, targeted traffic.

• My select click exchanges are Viral: Traffic increases automatically and exponentially – like a swarm.

• My select click exchanges are Proven: Thousands of sites are now getting millions of visitors.

• Over 950,000 members can’t be wrong!

My select click exchanges are Proven: Thousands of sites are now getting millions of visitors.

• Over 950,000 members can’t be wrong!


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