Earn a decent living writing blogs

There are millions of bloggers blogging everyday. some do it for passion and some for financial gains. There are many bloggers who earns a decent living writing blogs and there are many who wants to earn a living writing blogs. The best way to earn from a blog according to me is by writing paid posts in your blog or blogs in addittion to your regular posts. Now what is paid postings? A paid posting is customised posts for which the blogger is paid a certain mutually agreed consideration for writing posts and opinion about the advertisers site or products. There are several companies which took the initiative to connect advertisers who wishes to have comments written about their services or products in various blogs with bloggers who are willing to opine on certain service and / or products for a consideration often financial. To get paid for blogging I would recommend the services provided by smorty which is a leader in the field of blog advertisement.

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