Conservation of the Rainforest Is Of Utmost Significance

The rainforest are the forest characterized by rainfall at high level, with the minimum annual normal scale ranges from 1750 mm to 2000 mm. The tropical rain forest is the considered to be the best-treasured wealth of the Earth. This is due to the fact that the tropical rain forest is home for thousands and thousands of new species of plant that are yet to be discovered and an innumerable species of them are used in the field of pharmacy.

Scientific Value For the Rainforest

The conservation of the rain forest is of utmost significance not only for a single reason but for a series of reasons. One of the major reasons is that the floral part of the forest turns the harmful carbon dioxide into fresh air thereby, combating the pollution. The vast rainforest tends to deter the greenhouse effect by the dint of the process of absorbing the carbon dioxide. The trees in the rainforest absorb and store the huge volume of carbon dioxide in their roots, steams, leaves and branches, thereby carrying out an anti-pollution process, which is of utmost significance at least during the modern era when a little amount of fresh air is more precious than platinum.

The rainforest also provides the perfect resort for thousands of known and unknown animals, insects and microorganisms. The rainforest also is the best source for food for these fauna.

On the other level, when it comes to the holistic medicines, the rainforest is one of the best sources of the thousands of medical herbs that have been proved to be some of the authentic cure of certain dreadful diseases such as cancer and AIDS. Researchers all around the globe have burnt their midnight oil to show that the Vine Aucistrocladus koropensis might be a wondrous solution for AIDS if detected earlier. Hence there lies enough scientific proves for the value of the rainforest, although it is slowly yet steadily getting disappeared.

Total Coverage Of The Rainforest On The Earth

Despite its unswerving significance the rainforest is presently occupying only 6% of the total earth’s surface. This is really one of the most significant issues of concern, as this 6% of the Earth that is covered by the Rainforest provides the home for almost 50% of all the animals on the earth. Despite its unimaginative significance, the overall coverage area of the rainforest in the globe is constantly on the wane. As a matter of fact, as much as 20 millions of hectors of the rainforest are being destroyed all around the globe each year.

Why are the rain forest being afforested?

Interestingly yet unfortunately, mankind has failed to understand the significance of the rainforest. The forest is logged off for the timber and is wantonly afforested in order to make the suitable grazing lands for the cattle and for planting crops. Uncontrollable increase in the population has encouraged the mankind to smash off the forest in order to develop the villages. Most of the people tries to take the precedence over the conservation of the rainforest due to the fact that most of the rainforest of the world are located in the developing and the underdeveloped nations where sometimes it proves to be difficult for the people to earn their livelihood.

Importance of the rainforest of Australia

The Australian rainforest is quite diverse due to its overwhelmingly different and diverse ecosystem. The terrestrial part of the north-eastern part of the Queensland is called “Wet Tropics” – a zone that receives the highest in he Australia and supports the chief tropical rainforest. The rainforest of Australia covers only a small mass of land, although it provides a secured place for a large proportion of biodiversity. This is why the rainforest of Australia has become so significant.

The rainforest of Australia tends to provide the awe-inspiring resort for 21% of the overall species of cycad, 23% varieties of the reptiles, 27% of the varied species of frogs, 30% of the variety of orchid, 36 % of Australia’s species of mammals, 37% of the different freshwater fish, 37% of the species of conifer, 50% of the distinctive species of birds, 60% of the species of butterfly, 65% of the different varieties of ferns, and many other classes of rare insect fauna of any area of the nations. The presence of the huge biodiversities in the Australian rainforest makes it the most precious wealth of the planet.

The rainforest of Australia tend to attract the interest of the scientists and botanists in order to carry the research projects. Not only this the Australian rainforest have attracted the interest of the tourists from all around the globe. They are the home of innumerable number of flora and fauna that are seldom found in rest of the parts of the world. This also acts as the wondrous source of earning for the Australian government.

Hence it is of prime significance to maintain a high degree of conservation standard of the mystic rainforest of Australia with a view to preserve the rare medicinal plants and the animals that are not commonly found in the other corners of the world. Special steps to be taken ion order to maintain this diverse biodiversity for the interest of not only the scientific research but for the tourism as well.

What is going on with the Australian rainforest?

Australia is among those few developed part of the world where the rainforest is available, although more than three fourth of the Australian rain forests have been wantonly ruined since the European colonization. Only a scanty land across the northern Australia and down the east coast to the Tasmanian region are covered by the rainforests. Some of these remaining areas are again being destroyed by burning, agriculture, road building, mining and logging but some of the areas are safely protected by the government. Unless and until this act of destruction of the forest is stopped immediately, those days will arrive within a short spell of hours when there will be on rainforest on this planet.

Destruction of the rainforest means destruction of the diverse range of flora and fauna. This will also be a severe menace to the mankind.


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