Multicolored Aquarium Fishes – A Unique Mean Of Pet-facilitated Therapy

Aquatic world is one of the very sensational creations wonderfully of the nature. This is a world – so magical, so cool, so interactive, so imaginative and so glamorous that it has been alluring hearts of zillions all across the globe since years. Fishes benefit us not only if we eat them; watching the multicolored shoal moving all around in the glass tank, peeping through coral reefs and bushes of water weeds creates a real magic spell in human mind. Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania reported that watching fishes swimming in a home aquarium is one of the easiest and best ways to ease mental stress. They also reported that calm movement of the multicolored fishes in a glass tank offers a mean of controlling high blood pressure.
Merely sitting before the tank with water, gravels, underwater weeds and coral décors -- but no fishes would hardly come to any help to people. The renowned ecologist Alan Beck, director of the university's Center for the Interaction of Animals & Society said, "Blood pressure drops with fishless fish tanks, but it doesn't drop as much and it creeps back up faster. With fish in the tanks, you truly get relaxation." According to Mr. Beck, "There is a sharp difference." The three researchers, Erika Friedmann (biologist), Alan Beck (ecologist), Aaron H. Katcher (psychiatrist) started off their studies with the aquatic world because fishes are in fact too common as pets all over the world. Pet products companies extended their helping hands towards these The Three Musketeers. A report laid down by a Pet Information Bureau, organized by these companies, says that over 10 million American families have aquariums in their homes.

This is called Pet-facilitated Therapy (PFT) – a full proved scientific technique to combat certain, mental and cardiac ailment, has been adopted by most of the renowned psychiatrists and cardiologists across the globe. Some of the world's esteemed organizations like New York's Animal Medical Center are coming up with projects to aid the nursing homes and hospitals treating their patients more effectively. Animal Medical Center of New York City donated a big aquarium (fish tank) to the Florence Nightingale Nursing Home. Report says that over 500 dwellers have absorbed themselves in watching calm movement of vibrantly colored fishes. Researchers of the Animal Medical Center said that they have been successful treating ailments like high BP and mental stress by letting their patients watch fishes in aquarium. Although most of the esteemed researchers all over the world have confirmed the immense value of Pet Facilitated Therapy, the Mental Health World have desperately discounted the value.

While science is suggesting some patients to visit aquariums, stat shows that the usual "gotta-be-there" hysteria among aquarium visitors has been loosing its intensity since the last couple of years. The fabulous New Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta witnessed a decreased crowd in the year 2006 and 2007. This study has gained a great success not only with fishes but also with other animals. Embracing and pet dog or cat, a patient suffering from hyper tension cools down and the blood pressure decreases automatically. Love for animals – be it a dog or a cat or a tropical fish tank – generates a sense of safety through a gift of their unconditional love.


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