Mutual funds a safer way to investments.

Mutual fund is fund that pools money from retail investors to invest in stocks , bonds, shorty term money market instruments, and / or other securities. The fund is almost always run and managed by professionals of the Firm promoting it. These managers of the funds also known as portfolio managers trades the fund's underlying securities , realizing Capital gains or losses and collects the dividends or interest income and then in turn passes the proceeds to the investors. There are several types of Mutual funds like Open-end funds, exchange -traded funds, Money market funds, Bond funds, Equity funds, Funds of funds etc.

Why is it comparatively safer to invest with mutual funds?

Though there are many who thinks otherwise its a well accepted fact that mutual funds are comparatively safer than other types of securities and/or investments. Why? As mutual funds are managed and invested by highly skilled professionals of the trade after careful considerations of all investment options involved, the risk factor diminishes considerably . Technically the mutual fund is not immune to risk but due to careful planning and operations the funds tend to get better utilized thus getting more return. There are also other reasons like the transaction costs get divided among all the retail investors and so on.
To invest in mutual funds or if you are looking for more information about mutual funds please check out the sites below.


Yup it's better and safer.. But put few on business if you have knwledge and courage to run a business... although investing is also one way of making a business..

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