Digha Marine aquarium and research centre

I visited Digha recently and found that the Marine aquarium and research centre there is one of the best in India , With the one in Mumbai keeping only local fishes in comparrison with the great number of species from all over India and some from abroad , here. I really am pleased to see such beautiful aquarium in Digha. ZSI is supposed to be running this centre and indipets.com is in charge of maintaining the fishes. Some fishes I saw there are as below.

Common Name :- Groupers
Scientific name:-Epinephelus spp
They can be very colorful to almost monochrome according to their species. All Epinephelus are protogynous hermaphrodites .Mostly predatory feeding on live and artificial feeds, likes to stay alone and reproduction is not known to have taken place in captivity can be kept with larger fishes.
Common Name :- Red Squirrelfish
Scientific name:-Holocentrus ruber
Crepuscular lurkers , and not yet known to be breeding in captivity . Feeds on live food but accepts artificial food .
Common Name :-Pennant butterfly fish
Scientific name:-Heniochus acuminatus
Active schooling fish that loves reef setting and ample free swimming places no records of captive breeding.
Common Name :-Three spot damsel
Scientific name:-Dascyllus trimaculatus
Lives over crevices in branched coral and turns pale when frightened. Though the process of reproduction could be observed in nature it could not be successfully bred in captivity
Common Name :-Blue damsel
Scientific name:-Chromis Chromis
Territorial but in school , best in a species tank.
Common Name :-Eight Banded Butterfly
Scientific name:-Chaetodon octofasciatus
Unsociable and can readily eat substitute diet. not known if can be kept in pairs.
Common Name :-Clown anemone fish
Scientific name:-Amphiprion ocellaris
Small live creatures and can be kept with other anemone fish and has to be provided with ample anemones.
Common Name :-Finger star
Scientific name:-Echinaster sepositus
Lives on rocky slopes and is temperature sensitive, likes a varied diet of animal fragments.
Common Name :-Cushion star
Scientific name:-Asterina gbbosa
Feeds on all organic matter and is an efficient scavenger. reproduction not known in captivity.
Common Name :-Gray Triggerfish
Scientific name:-Balistes capriscus
Active, curious, Its among few marine species that has spawned on tanks , eats almost anything and needs hiding places and good light with Ph Value of 8 and density between 1.020 -1.025.
Common Name :-Tube worms
Scientific name:-Protula tubularia
This animal lives alone or in groups among the coral reefs and feeds on suspended matter or plankton.
Common Name :-Ringed emperror angel
Scientific name:-Pomacanthus imperator
Solitary, territorial .
Common Name :-
Hermit Crab
Horse shoe crab
Mud skipper

Common Name :-Morray eel
Scientific name:-Muraena helena
Crepuscular and a voracious eater and is best kept in large tanks.
Common Name :-Emperror Snapper
Scientific name:-lutjanus sebae
Predatory and eats on all types of live food and is best for large tanks .
Common Name :-Moon Wrass
Scientific name:-Thalassoma lunare
Very resistant and found in tidal pools in nature , is very peaceful and accepts substitute food readily. Reproduction not known in captivity
Common Name :-Peacock wrass
Scientific name:-Thalassoma Pavo
Carnivorous fish and an active swimmer reproduction not known in captivity.


Preeti said…
I wanted some information on Digha for a book that I'm writing. Will you be able to help me out.

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