Down with the Communal UPA regime

UPA regime is a serious threat to the nation. It is, at the behest of Sonia Gandhi communalizing the Indian Political scene, to reap electoral benefits at the cost of the secularity and integrity of India. The UPA government in particular and some other local state governments allied to the communal rule of the UPA in general have made it a practice to doll out to sops for Muslims in the guise of minority development. These self serving politicians are all crying for reservations, for Muslims in all possible places of employment and other illogical Muslim appeasement policies, which will soon turn India into a society with two warring section of people Muslims and Hindus. It is a proven fact that and that also acknowledged by UPA regime’s appointed committee namely ‘Justice Sachhar committee report’ that the states ruled by the UPA or other pseudo secular parties like BSP,SP or for that matter CPM etc , that are always eager to shed crocodile tears for Muslims are lagging way behind in terms of development of the Muslims in their respective states in spite of them following several Muslim appeasement schemes. The committee (which itself is controversial in nature due to the fact that it was commissioned to judge or analyze the socio – economic development and status of the Muslims. Where as, no other such studies, were conducted to ascertain the conditions of other minority sections. ) admitted in its report that the Muslims living in states Ruled by BJP or parties belonging to the NDA (so call communal forces of India) are much better off in terms of their socio – economic conditions. Why? Because, with electoral sops and divisive political maneuvers, votes can be managed, but governance can’t be ensured. Good governance is a prime factor for development of a society, irrespective of religion. By providing the much needed good governance or RAJ DHARMA the NDA ruled states achieved success that are unparallel ,in development of their people irrespective of religion. The result is visible Even the MUSLIMS who lags in other places in spite of scores of Muslim appeasement policies, are part of the developed sections of the society and for this development they did not need political SOPS . The flawed approach of the UPA and its policies needs to be undone and that too as soon as possible to save our country. It was heartening to see that the BJP’s party president and veteran leader Rajnath Singh also stressing on the importance of nullifying these appeasement policies of the current regime and promising to withdraw all undue sops to Muslims and regularize the growing disparity among the two main sections of the Indian population if voted to power. This promise itself should suffice to propel its prospect of forming the next government as the general people of India are against having two communally divided society amongst themselves, so they will in all possibility choose the NDA to guide them to a better future free of communal politics and to an era of awakening and prosperity.


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