Meet and Socialize , But get paid!!

What is Mylot? Mylot is a Social Networking site like many other where people meet and socialize , But you get paid, Mylot "PAYS YOU". Absolutely! The site Pays you CASH for socializing with other members of the community. Mylot pays its members for taking part in discussions by asking questions to its community member or answering them and by doing these regular activities you can earn. The community is truly global and is dynamic so will not be bored like those small networks.

Before I explain the immense possibilities, First Answer this :-

  • Are you trying to earn money online with your free time?
  • Are you a Stay at home mom or stay at home dad who likes to chat online?
  • Are you some one who likes to have fun socializing with others?
  • Are you a student Looking to make some extra cash / Pocket Money for those "Little things" ?
  • Are you living a retired life who wish to share your life experience in your free time?
  • Are you looking for some help in doing things which you have not done before?
  • Are you some one who likes to take the opinion of people on certain things?
  • Are you some one who wants to get your doubts cleared?
  • Are you some one from a non-English speaking country trying to improve your English language skills by taking part in discussions with people having English as their mother tongue?
  • Are you some one looking to make money online but don't know where to start?


Jeffrey said…
hi! there wanna have exchange links??
kaushal said…
hi i can explain all the rules of formula1 racing..
but u can easily get them by googling..
btw nice blog..
Anonymous said…
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