Stress can kill you

In todays hectic world stress has become part of our daily routine and this stress has already started to demonstrate its negative effects on the society .After all man cannot endure stress for a very long time and is sure to succumb to it at some point. There has been a number of debates world over on how best to tackle this or at least minimise the effects. Some of the best and inexpensive ways to de-stress yourself are

1. Dancing can reduce stress, tension, anxiety and even depression. It increases your confidence in social and business situations, and sharpens your control, agility, speed, and balance.What’s more, dance exercises are accessible to people of any age or fitness level and the emphasis is always on having fun.
(Twenty minutes of dancing can burn as much calories as 20 minutes of swimming or biking.)

Music Research has shown that Music has an profound effect on the body and psyche, infact a new branch of healthcare coming up now is known as music therapy which is now extensively used for benefiting people affected with depression,stress,Cancer,children with ADD.

Getting Physical exercises regularly works wonders in coping with stress. Give your stress to the pavement or the treadmill and relax. Staying active in winter elevates your mood and reduces stress.

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