A complete online pet store

Eastern India Aquarists is one of the leading specialty online pets store, of premium pets, pet food, supplies and services. Through select collection and professional care we are able to supply our customers worldwide with quality Live pets. Freshwater fishes , Marine fishes, Corals, Invertebrates, live rocks, Birds, Canines, Amphibians and birds as pets and merchandise. Our business philosophy revolves around our appreciation for the fact that our customers are pet lovers, not just pet owners. We invite our customers to experience our quality of service and see for themselves that Eastern India Aquarists offers great value for money. Be it live pets or pets supplies you are looking at, Eastern India Aquarists provides you with options like no one else does at the most affordable prices!

We have more than 250,000 products in stock always. You will find us cheap irrespective of where you live in India even for very small purcahses. We also have free shipping and other attractive discounts and freebies. Please visit us for a great bargain on live pets and pet supplies


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