Installing a Feng Shui Aquarium at home is a very traditional practice to enhance wealth and energy levels.

Although nowadays, aquariums decorated with colored fishes and bubbling water is considered to be a decorative element. But actually it is a combination and perfect balance of several Feng Shui factors to attract energy and wealth in abundance. A properly set Feng Shui aquarium decorated with Feng Shi factors is believed to bring in lot of prosperity and good luck. It can help a lot in stimulating inflow of money and luck at home. However, there are certain important points that should taken utmost care of during installation.

* The best part to place a Feng Shui Aquarium is in the South-east area of your home which is a Feng Shui storehouse for energy and wealth. Also, North indicates Career and East points to Health and Family. The bedroom and kitchen are a wrong place for a Feng Shui aquarium, as this may direct the unwanted energies to these areas. The wrong placing of a Feng Shui aquarium may give a way to many unwanted Feng Shui energies.
* The breed and color of fish does actually matters a lot in this case. Certain breeds such as ‘Arrowana', ‘Dragon Fish' and the ‘Purest Arrowanas' are considered to be an icon of Feng Shui wealth. However, ‘Koi' and ‘Goldfish' are equally effective. A red fish should be avoided as the red color is said to represent fire. And there are possibilities of fire clashing with the water element of the aquarium. The age-old Feng Shui practice suggests placing of orange and silver color fishes with a black one. The role of this lonely black fish is very symbolic and sensitive in Feng Shui. It is said to absorb all the negative energies within it, thus preventing it from reaching you. Although there are a lot of controversies among the traditional practitioners regarding the number of fishes to be kept, but 8 or 9 with a black one among them has proved to be quite effective.
* The shape of the aquarium is actually related to the placement area of the aquarium, which should be taken care of. It is always advised by the professionals to go for a square or rectangular shape if placed in the South-east area and a round shape if it is in the North area. The round shape can be allowed for the South-east part but the size has to be smaller.
* It is advisable to keep the water in the Feng Shui aquarium bubbling and not still. The sound and motion of bubbling water stimulates flow of positive energy and also helps in adding humidity to a dry room in addition. It is even better, if a bright shining light is projected in to the aquarium. These factors not only projects magical ambience of water shadows over the walls, but are believed to attract ‘Chi' - the bright and positive Feng Shui energy.

Keeping aside all these points, the most important part is to keep your aquarium and water clean and oxygenated with some green aquatic plants in it. This would create a healthy environment for the fishes and a happy place to play around. A fresh and beautiful aquarium with lively fishes moving around will automatically drive in positive energies and good thoughts in your life. A rightly placed Feng Shui aquarium which is taken care of regularly would definitely act as an energy and wealth amplifier for you and your home.


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