Alzheimer’s Dementia

Alzheimer’s Dementia

Dementia is a process which erodes the cognitive functions of brain gradually. In simple words it hampers the proper functioning of mental operations in a person. There are not one but several reasons for dementia; Alzheimer’s Dementia is just one among them.

All the exact causes for Alzheimer’s Dementia are still unclear but genetic compositions can be considered as one among the major causes.

In most cases the cause leading to Alzheimer’s Dementia remains unknown, though dementia can be attributed to several other factors including multiple brain stroke, Hyperthyroidism etc, these dementias are not exactly Alzheimer’s Dementia so can’t be considered as a cause of Alzheimer’s Dementia

This disease is generally associated to older age, the risk of getting affected therefore increases manifolds with our natural aging. It also affects people with less or no mental activities and can also be for hereditary reasons.

Some symptoms, Complications and treatments are discussed further.

The symptoms:

Loss of memory is one of the first signs. In the initial stage the patients tends to forget names of common articles like spoon, paper, television, refrigerator etc, Can’t remember names and faces of persons, forgets conducted activities and so on.

Then in a later stage the person losses control of simple machinery skills like how to operate a TV, read a newspaper or play cards. In advanced stages this also affects the analytical abilities of the persons.

Complications arising from Alzheimer’s Dementia

Many complications that arise from Alzheimer’s Dementia include:

1. Can suddenly hurt oneself by tripping over,

2. Becomes more vulnerable to contagious diseases,

3. Other psychiatric disorders like psychosis or mood disorder,

4. Suicidal tendencies,

5. Patients with history of hyper tension, Diabetes etc, can get more critical as these conditions can’t be treated properly. The mental state of the patient prevents him/her from following doctor’s advice to keep in check the above disorders.

Treatments of Alzheimer’s Dementia:

Alzheimer’s Dementia is not reversible and as this is a progressive disorder, medicines only help to slow down the process of loss of memory. But without medication a person can lose all memories within a relatively short span of time. Behavioral management and support along with medicine can only delay the process of loss of memory and help patients cope with difficulties.

Lifestyle management Alzheimer’s Dementia patient to delay the inevitable:

Involvement of brain is an important factor so trying to remain mentally active is of utmost importance. Try to be involved with activities which helps or activates your mental activities like pursuing some hobbies, social activities, doing small chores of household activities, reading etc.


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