Dental Practitioner Tracks More Than You Could Ever Imagine

A recent survey establishes the fact a tooth practitioner not only cures maladies related to your tooth but also comes in handy in tracking in several other life-taking diseases. Excess in take of carbohydrates via chocolates, chips and cold drinks may not only result in tooth decay but can also lead to a few other diseases. Five of them have been listed below:
1) Corpulency: Corpulency or better known as obesity can be caused by excessive in take of fermented carbohydrates. These carbohydrates come in forms of fast food, chips, soft drinks and chocolates. Cavities in the tooth trenchantly exhibit the fact that the individual is consuming these carbohydrates in excess, which might again lead to obesity says Dr.Hujoel.
2) Diabetes: The excess intake of the carbohydrates leads to a hike in the blood sugar level which ultimately paves for diabetes. It is for this very reason that Dr.Hujoel advices his patients to lessen their intake of such fermented food products.
3) Alzheimer’s Disease: Records show that individuals who lost their tooth were more likely to fall a prey to dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. It might take time for doctors to discover between a person’s tooth and his/her brain but it advisable that people keep their teeth healthy in order to prevent the other diseases.
4) Cardiovascular Disease: The fermented food products contain a large amount of Trans fatty acids. These fatty acids increase the chances of a person suffering from a cavity in the tooth. The fatty acids might not directly cause heart diseases but they are used along with other cavity-causing fermentable carbs which may increasingly result in cardiovascular diseases. When it is feasible for an individual to substitute the packed food by fresh fruits and vegetables available in the market, then why shouldn’t he/she? But before even buying the fruit and vegetable products, one must also check the labels to make sure that they are Trans free food products.
5) Cancer: Harmful habits like smoking and consumption of excessive alcohol may not lead to tooth discoloration but it also increases the chances of diseases like cancer. Abnormalities like cavities and bleeding gums are signs of dangerous diseases.
In a nutshell, the best way to prevent diseases is by leading a healthy lifestyle. A few simple steps towards healthy living might mitigate chances of fatal diseases forever. It’s time that we come to terms with the ground reality.


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