Everything you ever wanted to know about Bermuda Triangle

When you think of Bermuda, you ought to think of the Bermuda triangle as well. There have been many stories about this place. It has also been considered a perilous spot since it has devoured numerous human lives, wrecked ships and has also destroyed many planes. People say that the ships and the planes simply disappear as soon as they reach this place. It may sound baseless and unscientific but then, this is actually what has been happening in Bermuda triangle for years now. Even today, we find newspapers, magazines and journals coming up with stories of Bermuda triangle with great emphasis being laid on it.
The Bermuda triangle has its base in the Atlantic Ocean. In fact, it is an extended part of the Atlantic ocean which is covered by an imaginary line that links Florida to Bermuda, to Puerto Rico and then again to Florida. It is indeed difficult to mark the exact point of the Bermuda triangle. There was a man named Vincent Gaddis, who named the place as Bermuda Triangle. He was also provided details of its exact location. There may be numerous debates and discrepancies regarding the Bermuda Triangle being a mysterious place but least to say, it is till arousing the interest of millions even today across the world. People are still coming up with news and reviews related to this place. According to the scientist, the disappearing of the ships and the planes can be termed as scientific. They say it is only the fear of the people which makes them believe so. It is because people have notions regarding the place that they are made to believe that the planes and ships disappear once they reach the Bermuda Triangle.
For instance, it was once believed that a plane almost disappeared and fell into the sea once it crossed the Bermuda triangle. It was after a long research that it stated the plane had lost its way in the seas because of the fierce storm that was blowing at that very moment. There are also people who trenchantly state the fact that there is no other place in the world that is as dangerous or as safe as the Bermuda Triangle. Even the US coast guard has confirmed the fact about the happenings of this place. They believe that the occurrences of this place are more scientific than mysterious in nature. Scientists have also come up with reasons and logic as far as the mishap of famous flight 19 is concerned. It is said that the a pressurized cabin of the plane that encapsulated 22 men, took place because of small spark of cigarette. Surprisingly, people also call this place as the ‘Devil’s Triangle.’
The Bermuda triangle reminds us of another famous incident that took place back in the year 1872. It is believed that Mary Cleste was found abandoned without any idea about its crew and their condition. It was mostly after this incident that the Bermuda triangle came more into limelight. Some people say that the incident did not take place in the Bermuda Triangle, but it happened in the coast of Portugal.
Another very famous incident which comes to the mind is that of the loss of numerous lives of the US army, without any war or combat. It was back in the year 1918, 4th March, when the US army departed from the Island of Barbados in West Indies. It is believed the USS Cyclops disappeared all of a sudden without any trace. Till date, there are no robust theories or reasons that can explain the disappearing part of the USS Cyclops. Thus, it is not for nothing the Bermuda Triangle is considered amongst the mysterious places in the world. People have put in their efforts to analyze, evaluate and explain the happenings of this place. From the numerous natural explanations like Compass variations, hurricanes, gulf streams current, freak and methane hydrates with deliberate attempts of sabotage and mass destruction. There are several individuals who exhort the fact that there is more to add to the oddity of the place then what has been seen. For instance the extraterrestrial being and the UFO’s, the leftover technology that was lost from the continent of Atlantic which finally managed to sink under the triangle waters. Even the odd natural forces coupled with the mysterious happenings add to the queerness of the place.

People still have numerous questions in mind as to when will these odd happenings, which take place at Bermuda triangle come to an end. Does it also imply to the fact that the Bermuda Triangle has an internal gateway that has its opening in some other world? There may be many questions regarding the same and the answer that we get will also be in plenty. We can only wait and watch how useful these answer and explanations will turn out to be.


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