The influence of horoscopes in our lives

The influence of horoscopes in our lives can be traced back to the 3rd millennium. It is believed that horoscopes started controlling our lives ever since time and memorial. Hence one can easily understand how old the custom of this chart is. It is known by different names like natal chart, cosmogram, star chart, celestial map, astro map, vitasphere to name a few. Originally is a derivative of the Greek word “horoskopos” or “horoskopoi” which roughly translated mean “look at the hours” and “marker of the hour respectively.

Now a question may arise as to what exactly a horoscope is? In simple words it is a chart that is made based on the basis of position of planets and stars around a new born. Depending on these positions a lot can be interpreted about the future of a newly born child. Things like marriage, career, studies, character, and money can be deciphered from these codes of planetary positions. This is why some cultures of the world consider horoscopes to be of utmost importance.

There are some who vehemently follow the reading of horoscopes. Then there are some non believers who beg to differ. Well believing in them or not is completely a personal choice. Neither should one be forced to have faith in them nor should a believer be made fun of. There is no harm in if someone has faith in them because many people are really serious and they want to know more about the future. Many believe let the future remain to be mysterious and unknown. We need to understand that these are two extremities that we need to bear and live with.

As far as the influence of horoscopes is considered they are beyond any explanation. The most appropriate thing to say here is that whether horoscopes affect us or not is a debatable issue. Again someone who has faith in them would have affirmative thoughts about the effect of horoscopes. This argument has gone beyond ages and will remain to be one in the future as well. However in a nutshell what can be explained here is that horoscopes have been used by the wealthy, commoner, and the learned alike in the past. It has significance in the lives of many and those who deem these charts with utmost importance are free to do so in a free world for sure.

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