Tejas, India’s first Light combat Aircraft has been introduced in the IAF. Tejas is a supersonic fighter jet and it was handed over to the IAF by the defense minister of our nation. It was only after the Initial Operational clearance that A.K. Antony handed over the aircraft to the IAF team. It has been more than 25 years now that we have been dreaming of something like Tejas and finally it will be taking wings. The introduction of the aircraft is not only an achievement for our country, but, to a large extent, it also symbolizes the strength and potential of Indian Air Force and its self sufficiency potential. India, now with the introduction of Tejas has been associated with a league of other nations who can produce combat aircrafts like Russia, USA, France and Britain. By the middle of 2011, the IAF teams plans to induct two teams in the IOC mode. The IAF had already placed orders for 40 LCA’s back in the year 2005. The initial 40 have been powered by American General Electric GE-F404 engines. The estimated value of these 40 aircrafts is over 7,000 crore. Tejas speeds upto Mach 1.4 and is basically a single-seat and a single-engine aircraft. Though it is lightweight in nature, it has the potential of carrying mixed weapon load and also has the caliber of dropping tanks upto 4 tons. It has also been upgraded with the latest digital flight control systems and avionics. Reports say that the IAF will locate its first of the LCA squadrons at its sulur air base near Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu. There also have been several news reports saying that the LCA Tejas is still not a well equipped machine since it has the potential to deliver much more than it has been delivering till date.

It’s only after India had put in the hard work for 27 years that Tejas was introduced. Reports say that Tejas is going to hit the sky in early 2012, only after its final clearance test. The release to service certificate for Tejas has been prepared by CEMILAC. CEMILAC has been thoroughly inspecting the technicalities, design, structure, functions and other aspect of the aircrafts for several months now. Reports say that this is the first time that a military fighter aircraft is being certified for Air force operations. The defense minister, Mr. Antony also exhorted the fact that his team would be supplying more of MK3 aircrafts to the Air Force and Navy. He also added that the DRDO has introduced programs on Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft, which again are the different varieties of Unmanned Air combat Vehicles. Reports say that the trials of the aircraft are going to end by the fag end of this year and it is going to hit the global market by the month of January. The introduction of the air craft speaks volumes about the enhancing technology of the country and its contribution to the global market.
The defense minister also said that the time has finally arrived when India can manage to produce such high quality aircrafts, which may get related to both the sectors; public and private. The introduction of Tejas has also spear-headed an era of high quality production, engineering and design. Tejas Programme had been started 28 years ago to enhance the technologies of the fourth generation fighter aircraft and demonstrate them on two technology demonstrator aircraft.
There was a difference of two generations of technologies at that time. The Tejas team encapsulated ADA, HAL, DRDO, IAF, CEMILAC, DGAQA, PSUs, private industries and academic institutions. Apart from the flight testing technology of the country, Tejas has also enhanced the designing, engineering and testing standards of the nation. It was a combined effort that paved way for Tejas. The credit also goes to the Defense of the country for shouldering the responsibility and producing what our nations had been pining for so long. Off late, a release said that the technology levels of these areas have been uplifted to the fourth generation in a country like ours. The Tejas programme has also given employment to a huge number of workers across the country. Apart from this, it has also been successful in honing the finesse and talent of a large number of engineers and scientists that reside in our country. It has also brought into limelight, that talent of a numerous individuals, who, till date, had taken a back seat.This revolution in the field of technology and aeronautics has made India capable of taking up more and more challenges in the near future. Tejas, which once, was nothing more than a dream once, is a reality today. We, as the true countrymen of the country, ought to support the technological inventions of the nation, so that our nation is at par with various other hi-tech nations of the world.


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