How important is SEO for success of a website?

Yes how important is SEO for success of a website? Well this is a very frequently asked question for sure. Search Engine Optimization or SEO as it is popularly known as, is a way to get more traffic to a website or a blog. This is a technical process which enables various web crawlers and of course search engines to read pages in an effortless way. The more you get your website or blog SEO friendly the better it is for your business to get recognition.

In other words this is a tool of internet marketing that helps in promotion of your products and services in the maximum way. This gives an exposure to your line of business that is required to get recognition. This is a way of branding by using smart tools and a few intelligent moves that are discussed in the other part of this discussion. It will give you a proper understanding of how SEO works which will definitely provide an answer to how important it is for your internet marketing strategy.

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Anonymous said…
Well said, we run an IT company in UK and in India providing services in web technologies, mobile technologies, eMarketing, SEO's etc.
We are into SEO from long time and are actually aware the output which SEO provides. SEO for a websites and that to for a product based or some sites for networking works best and diverts the max. traffic towards the site.. provided SEO Consultant you prefer to choose should be aware of the key points and the main steps without fail.
Best SEO is when your site is not on the first page of google(search engine) but should be at the top of 1st page. It is a monthly process and for an average user, should keep on applying SEO to his/her site after every 2-3 months of gap.

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