Sites that pays you for writing articles,Posting pictures

Sites that pay you for writing articles
To make money is an eternal desire of human as this is sensitive uncountable tool to run our life socially as well as economically.  Factually, there are numerous types of websites that invite articles which in tern make an avenue of earning. To name a few, here are as below
a)  This is one of the most rated sites that pay you for articles, not only in India of the date but also becoming famous across the world as well. This emerging site has claimed a big want in the market of writers, sharing a huge 70% revenue with them. Besides, you can promote your own website or blog here by putting the link and also earn through them. They pay once in a month.
b)   This offers exciting opportunities for writers to meet their goals. Sites including eHow and “USA.Today” are part of the demand media network. Only approved writers can get access to various assignments within their area of expertise. Writers are paid twice in a week for all published articles.
c) Ehow.Com:   This is known for its quality content, guides, and tutorials. eHow is the best suitable site for short articles and guides. It now belongs to the Demand Media Studios Network,
d)  This is a content writing site where you can earn advertising revenue of your own written content and you still have ownership of the content. It is best suited for longer articles and essays because you are allowed to include a number of content elements and gadgets on your page.
e)  Squidoo is the most popular publishing site and community. It shares on 50/50 basis. It offers more than one way of generating revenue. In addition to Ad sense revenue, it offers users the ability to refer products they can sell via affiliate programs with Amazon, eBay, CafĂ© Press and others. Users earn commission on sale generated via their pages.
f)  Suite101 is an e-media magazine that shares Ad revenue with writers. It requires submitting 2 samples writing for review before being accepted. The site owner’s drawback is to demand exclusive rights on all your contents which are unique.
g)  It pays people for writing online content and monetizes social activities. It has got a centralized hub where you can earn money for all things that you are doing online in sites like YouTube, Flicker, Facebook, Twitter and Blogger. Red Gage makes payment on the basis of the value of your content to be measured by page views/ popularity.
h)  This is one of the highest-paying online markets for content writers. However, it works differently from other content sites. You bid your own prices at Constant Content. This site attracts website owners to buy unique Articles for their site from nearly 50,000 Content Writers.   Website owners can also quote their price on your articles. You can generate steady revenue if you do write quality content and bid competitive prices.
i) You can earn money by publishing your knowledge-based articles on Share your knowledge and expertise. You are to select your own topics to write or claim opportunities from your assignments. You can earn money through incentive on topics those are exclusive assignments and performance bonuses depending on the traffic that your work receives.
j)   It is a Social Book marking where you earn from AdSense Revenue Sharing and Referrals. If you refer a new member to under your referral link, you will have seen your AdSense ID displayed on net on every content page with the member you submit.
k) It is a fun and revenue sharing site that is quick and easy earning for writing. You can submit long articles containing 150 words or more or short bookmarks. You can refer your friends to Xomba so that you earn extra 10%   from the Adsense upon clicks for their earnings.
l)  It has got a social network where you can share blog, photos and videos and can earn 100% Ad revenue being generated from your content.
m) It is a place for writers to publish their work without any tension. When you submit your work to oondi, you are entitled to get 100% of the advertisement profits.
n) It is a new article directory that invites any writer with original articles on any specified topic. You can also add your Google ID to the “My Advertising tab.”
o) This is purely an article content website for sharing revenue. As a contributor, you have 100% ownership of your contents as well as can add edition or make deletion of your writings at any point of time. Moreover, you also have a right to reserve around 80% of AdSense impressions from your writings.
p) It is a Freelance platform where you are to build backlinks and promote all your contents for earning a share of Ad revenue having generated from your writing content. The portion of share is 60%.
q) Orble.Com: It is a blogger’s community who offers independent source of news, opinion, features and various entertainments. You can get 50% share of advertising revenue having generated by your posts.
r) It is an income sharing Blog community where people from around the world join from all corner of the glob to share individual thoughts and also ideas. You are get share of Adsense revenue being generated from your content.
s) This is an affiliated article directory that extends Adsense revenue among writers.  Writer can also add affiliate links in own articles for more revenue generation .Website allows you to gain AdSense revenue even if your writing is not so popular.
t) It offers splendid opportunity for sharing knowledge and earns money by providing worthy content. Moreover, you can develop own online network. It accepts content linked to articles, presentations, image slideshows,   videos and audio recordings and. You are at liberty to submit you content even if that was already published somewhere else till it is yours.
u)  It is featured as a news site to contribute your engagement in debates, thoughts and voting right on newsworthy articles. Payments are determined on the basis of both likes and page-views. You can also get extra amount by working as Digital Journalist. Under this site, you don’t require to have Google Adsense account for generating money from
v) This specially welcomes writers for making a review on product or to write an essay on a particular topic. A Product Review is purposely aimed to furnish the reader detailed information on any specific product. The Income pool is divided among authors on the basis of frequency as to how often review was used in arriving at a decision.
w) You can earn substantial amount by writing for About.Com. You are to apply to the Guide program to publish content and start earning revenue. You need to have at least  five years experience in their chosen topic and will be required to write as minimum as 4 articles in a month along with  updating their blog two to three times in  a week. 


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