Ajand Hind Sarkar's Treasury was Looted by Jawarharlal Neheru

26th January, 1944, Rangoon. India is celebrating its Independence Day. In a large mass gathering at the municipal building premises, Netaji is delivering his speech.

In that mass gathering more than sixty thousand non-resident Indians were spellbound and overwhelmed by Netaji’s speech. In his speech Netaji appeals to the mass to make donations to create Azad Hind Fund which will help to fight against English and British imperialism. Netaji had proclaimed war against these two super powers in the midnight of 23rd October, 1943 just three months back.

Netaji’s call has created an enormous hue and cry among the crowd. It was such a clarion call! Everyone yearns to sacrifice whatever they had. All the civilians are ready to be penniless and mendicants for raising funds for the Azad Hind Army to fight the enemy.

U. Toy, an officer with the British Intelligence Bureau in his “The Spring Tiger” says -
‘in a public gathering on 29th May, 1944 Subhas Chandra had managed to accumulate nearly fifty lakh from his own valuable and prized stuffs. A businessman greatly influenced at this had donated all his property. Women also donated their ear rings, necklace and money. Near Tongur, the manager of Jewad D Sugar Estate, handed over the Estate to Subhas Chandra. He started to consider this as a property of Free India. All the taxes collected from this Estate has also started to be considered as the fund of the interim government of Free India. The effect of Azad Hind Army on the Indian Public was enormous. The enthusiasm and curiosity which was found in the mind of non-resident Indians were an invaluable period of Indian History.

Donating everything he becomes impoverishes - Azad Hind Government Fund has been formed. Such patriotic persons were Netaji’s main resources. But what happened till the end? The massive fund of Azad Hind Government was grasped by Jawaharlal Nehru. It was a black episode of History.

Nehru and his associates burgled the Azad Hind Fund.

After the power devolution there was many financial scams in Indian history. With all those scams the associated persons were the powerful peoples of Central Government ruling party. Several of those scams were flashed in news-paper and few were never unfolded and most of the Indians are unaware about those.

Jawaharlal Nehru was directly involved in such a scam – The loot of thousands of Crores of Indian rupees of Azad Hind Government.

Few Government Files -

 From these files it has been established that Jawaharlal Nehru looted thousands of Crores of Indian rupees of Azad Hind Government.

1) File No. Poll (S) 490/46

2) File No. 25/4/NGO (Vol-1)

3) File No. 2/64/78

4) File No. 2/64/PMO

Except these files, there are several evidences vindicating this fact. On 6th September of 1946, the Governor of Singapore wrote a letter to the Indian government with the information.

“So the List of I.N.A Fund – very large sum of money was extracted by Indian Independence League Committee in the large towns throughout the occupied territories, collected huge amount of rupees from these (Japanese occupied territories) areas. That fund so collected were handed over to the Provisional Government and by it used to finance the Indian National Army in the war with Alliance with Japan against Alliance.”

Here, one more important matter should be noted. The majority of the collected money remained intact. It was noticed by Nehru.

Nehru – Mountbatten two main Conspirators

During the World War-II Mountbatten was the supreme commander of Allied force in south-east Asia. Eduina Mountbatten, wife of Mountbatten was intimate with Nehru. This distinctive characteristic weakness of Nehru was superbly used by British Government. It’s entirely unlikely that Nehru was deeply associated with the Mountbatten who was completely against the freedom of India. Nehru always prioritized his own avidity rather than India’s interest.

In that meeting the decisions like India Partition and restrict Netaji from returning to the country were taken. It was also planned how Nehru could become the prime minister of India.

Another issue of discussion was “how to grab the massive amount of unused property of Azad Hind Government?”

It was also stated in that file:

“It’s is most probable that, Mountbatten did not have any idea about the I.N.A Fund which he proposed to handover to Nehru. Before the meeting with Nehru, it was said to Mountbatten that there were few properties. It is easy to realize that, when the decision was taken, it was also decided that the decision about other funds s would be taken later.

Greed comes faster. Same thing happened with Nehru also. He wrote two letters to Major General Holmes on 26th and 27th March. From one of the letter it is evident that

“The writer (Nehru) expects that the Indian Government (British Government in India) will hand-over all the funds to Nehru because he formed a trust”.

It was found from the file that –

The asset value was about about 147163.00 Pound.

It is an exciting fact that, Nehru used to keep Gold in Indian Oversees Bank. 5.634 Kg Gold was kept among 13 packets with an estimated value of 18 thousand 281 Pound. This Gold’s been in the fund, but was not deposited to the Fund supervisor.

Nehru and his associates

The peoples associated with Mr. Nehru to cheat this huge property were Gopal Sing (The fund in charge of South-East Asia), S.A.Ayar (Publicity Minister of Azad Hind Government who betrayed later) and Col. Figesh (Investigation departmental head of British Embassy at Tokyo) – Among others there were Rammurti, Captain Thairatate.

When Netaji was going towards unknown destination from Saigon, he told Ayar to bring all the Properties including Gold by a plane. But Ayer thought differently. Mind was full of greed. Ayer wrote: “Something went on hammering into my head that I was seeing Netaji for the last time in my life”.

Then – Ayer went to Tokyo with all the properties and Gold and Contacted Rammurti , Kornel Figesh and few others.

He came back to India and got in contact of Nehru. Nehru sent him to Tokyo. The main objective was to grab the assets. Finally the property came in the hand of Nehru. The scandal story finally ends. Nehru and his associates loots the Thousand Crores of Rupees.


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