Where is the only Saraswati Temple in West Bengal?

Pushkar in Rajasthan is a place which is associated with Brahma Deva, Here you will find the only temple of Brahma Dev, and also temple of Ma Saraswati also known as 'Sabitri'. It is said in Matsya puran that while creating the universe Brahma dev created 10 men known as ' Manas Putra' and among them was one girl called ' Manas Kanya' She is also known as Devi Saraswati the presiding deity of knowledge and learning.

Most probably the only temple dedicated to Ma Saraswati in West Bengal is at No.1 Umesh Chandra Das Lane , Panchanantala , Howrah. Its claimed that such a permanent temple offering daily prayer dedicated to Ma Saraswati functions nowhere else in the whole state of West Bengal.

There is no one unanimous date of establishment of this uncommon temple. The date ranges from 1919 ( The year of Mr. Umesh Chandra Das died) to 3-4 years later .It is said that noted educationist late Mr Umesh Chandra Das was the main initiator of the temple. In the book ' Howrar Itihas' ( History of Howrah ) researcher Late Mr. Asit Kumar Bandhopaddhay has  mentioned that late Mr Umesh Chandra Das got the Idol designed from Jaipur, Rajasthan and put it in his house. Though Ma Saraswati in Rajasthan is worshiped in a form without Veena (The musical instrument associated with Saraswati Devi.) , The idol here features Ma Saraswati with Veena. 

Inscriptions from plates in the temple, it can be said that the sons of late Mr Umesh Chandra Das completed the temple after his demise. This temple has found mention in several books on history by noted researchers. Like Late Mr. Amullya charan Vidya Bhushan mentions while reffereing about Ma saraswati in one of his books 'that the only temple of Ma Saraswati in West Bengal is in Umesh Chandra Das Lane in Howrah. Pandit Shibendra Shastri in his book on various families from Bengal mentions about this temple. 

Daily prayers are offered here and during the yearly Saraswati Puja day this temple gets overwhelmed with worshipers. 

The Temple seems to be in a dilapilated state and needs renovation else we might loose another piece of our History.


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