Can abortions in early years leads toward infertility?

I have seen a confession in a confession site whereby a women confesses of having physical relationship with several people and had two abortions before marriage, now it seems that the lady has developed some complications which prevents her from conceiving a child. I would like to request those knowledgeable people here to clarify if this is scientific. Or is it that the lady has developed conditions leading to her infertility for reasons completely different from her past abortions.
Reply By Eden:
Do you know if the woman had a legal or illegal termination? If she had an illegal abortion, anything is possible. She may have gotten an infection that was never treated after the procedures. She may have had an instrument used on her that was not the proper way to preform the abortion. Etc. However, assuming she had a legal abortion; it is very unlikely that her fertility issues now are related to the abortions. In a legal, early termination a woman is given either a local or a general annastesia, her cervix is slightly dilated & a sterile tube that looks something like a syringe without a needle tip is passed through the cervix & into the uterus. The contents of the uterus are removed with a suction attachment. After the procedure a tech will go through the POC container to check that all of the pregnancy was removed, if by chance they find that it wasn't the woman may need to come back in for a second procedure (very rare). The woman may be given a mild pain med after if she's feeling uncomfortable, but that's also not all that common. She may be given antibiotics, but again that's pretty rare. Legal clinics are inspected regularly (like any medical office) to ensure that they are clean, sterile & up to safety codes. It's slightly more invasive than a yearly pap smear, but not by much. It's not at all dangerous or risky. Without knowing this woman or the details of her situation; my educated guess would be that at some point in her past she contracted an STD. If she became pregnant twice we can assume she probably wasn't practicing safe sex at least for some period of time. STDs in women often have no symptoms. And one of the most common causes of secondary infertility (she was fertile at some point obviously) is untreated STDs. Depending on what specifically is happening, there may be treatments that can improve her chances of conceiving.


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