Do Southern Women Flirt the Best?

I was in a conversation last night, before I had to shut down the computer and wait to see if the tornadoes were going to rip Tennessee of the face of the map, whew what a night, about hearing voices of your friends online. That turned to accents among other things. Laying in bed I was thinking about the way southern women flirted, compared to other parts of the country. I thought about Scarlett O'Hare in gone with the wind, and how she has all of the boys vieing for her attention, while the other belles were left in her dust. The reason she did is that she had the art of flirting down pat. I am an indiscriminate flirt. I flirt with men, women, children, young, old and everything in between. It is my nature. I feel that it of the most sincere form of flattery. It makes the recipient feel good, it puts a smile on their face, and you can noticeably see a lift their step. Oh sure I have flirted to see other things besides the smile and jauntier step, but that would be my other nature:)) So Men who do you think has the best flirting tactics, have any admirable stories to share? How do you use your charm and flirtatious manners Women do you practice or hone your flirting abilities? What techniques work for you?
Come on fess up.


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