Communal Amity

The present state of affairs in our society is no doubt a curse to the mankind . This is certainly due to our disloyalty to God. We have d4eviated from the noble path of humanity. The onset of Ramzam month is an excellent opportunity to realize and fulfill the objectives of mankind. Like other Islamic festivals, Ramzan is observed for full enlightenment. It stresses the need to share social responsibilities through sacrifice by keeping restr4aibns on all our senses. It is the right time to challenge the Muslim masses for sharing responsibilities to eradicate social and moral crisis prevailing in the society.
The crucial need of the present day India is stalwarts like Maulana Abul Kalam Azad for whom books were his life, Hindustan his heart and Islam his spirit. It is heartening to see that the government and some active organizations have realized the importance of the role of Islamic luminaries for that they have invited Fatwas on some major national communal issue our Islamic scholars should come for ward to share such national interest we should sincerely try to solve all our problems amicably on the basis of guidelines of holy Quraan. Maulana Azad has rightlyt tried to mobilize the Muslim masses towards the independent movement in the light of Holy Quraan. Professor Ashok Singhal, general secretary, Vishwa Hindu Parishad also deserved praise on soliciting his faith in Holy Quraan and inviting workd Islamic scholars to help solve the Babri Masjid Mosque Janmabhoomi tangle.
In the interest of general normalcy of life and healthy spirit of Islam, I appeal to my Muslim brethren to observe restrain and not to make too much of noise during pre-dawn meal. Finally, whatever the spirit of tolerance and sacrifice we develop during this month should be continued to the rest part of the year.
Views of Mr. Akmal Husain . Scientist.


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