Its not enough to shoot ! You should share also.

Taking videos is quite common throughout the world for those who beleives in capturing moments of life's bit of exitement. Those who indulges in capturing these moments also likes to share them . Its no more a secret that some of the greatest shots are taken by ametuers which creates a ripple among those who sees it like the scene of hanging of Saddam Hussain taken by a mobile cam or for that matter the shots taken during the assasination of Benazir Bhutto. Though not always this serious in nature people all over the world keeps recording interesting bits on their recorders and now there is a serious opportunity for those who loves to shoot memorable moments of life. For they can be awarded handsomely to share their prized shoot and nominate them against other videos taken by by someone like him somewhere else. Its not only about the hefty prizes you get while joing this community you get to meet lively people who shares your passion of capturing life. The community pays weekly as prizes for upto US$1000$ to video shots that are voted by the public as entertaining . So what's that holding you back from signing into and sharing your prized videos with friends who can genuinely appriciate the values of those prized moments you have captured all through. Sign in with Cash tomato and be known for your web video


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