Importance of Id-ul-Zuha

As is the law of nature that nothing can be gained without significant sacrifice. Similarly for all sorts of goals to gain, one has to initially put some input as sacrifice in the hope of likelihood reward. The basic philosophy of Islam rests on this very significant concept of sacrifice, what in our own term we call “Qurbani”. The purpose of all the time prophets was to propagate the way of practicable goodness amongst the people where every prophet was destined to put maximum sacrifice and utmost restrain. The responsibility of all the Muslim has been put by Allah to practice and propagate the lessons of all good senses very pridely all in the objectives of supreme command.
The yearly celebration of this great festival of Id-Ul-Zuha reminds us of spirit of such pious mission in which prophet Ibrahim was directed to sacrifice his best and most sulted valuable whereupon he finally chose his own son to fulfill the directive. On accepting this great sacrifice however the son was replaced with an animal by heavenly power . With this unique practice of sacrifice of our all kinds of valuables, comforts and amenities, it is unfortunate as to why today Muslims have so much deviated from this basic philosophy. It is a great challenge to today’s Muslims though out the world and the Indian Muslims in particular to realize the most timely need of this thought. It has been the common opinion of great Islamic scholars and all religious heads that if we sincerely practice such way along with showing tolerance co-operation and the universal brotherhood, we may contribute a great deal in shedding the highly rising virus of conmmunalism , removing race and class conflicts and the deteriorating morale for all round development of the peacefull Co-existence.
Written By A. Husain


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