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To earn a decent income from writing blogs is no more a distant dream nowadays. There are companies who are willing to pay you to write about their sites in your blog, thereby giving them advertising mileage among your readers. Some do insist on a positive note but there are sites also, which appreciates honest comments. It would be tough to start looking for sites that are willing to pay you to write about them, the easier option is through a common platform, where site owners willing to have posts written about them posts their requirements and bloggers come and take the suitable offer of writing the posts. There are several sites which has this service of acting as a common platform between bloggers and advertisers. Each has its own set of rules which the bloggers and advertisers have to abide. The compensation for writing posts vary depending your blog’s popularity the more popular it is you are likely to be compensated more for writing. If you are having a blog which is at least 90 days old ,in which you post regularly and would like to start earning from it then all you have to do is get registered with smorty and submit your blog. Once the smorty admin approves your blog you are ready with offers from so many site willing to pay you to write about them.

Blog Advertising - Get Paid to Blog


delphy said…
sounds good
i will try it

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