Love or lust? It shows on your face

It’s possible to figure out if some really feels for you, or is more interested in a short physical stint by carefully studying their faces. In a study conducted by Durham, St. Andrews and Aberdeen University on 700 heterosexuals revealed ,that though there exist no definite facial pattern to differentiate between lust and love , a whopping majority of 72% figured out correctly the sexual attitude of men and women after being shown them the photographs or facial images of men and women. It showed that men believe that women who have wide eyes and large lips are attractive and it was also noted that men found women who are open to short physical relationship more attractive. Women on the other hand found men who are after long term relationship more desirable. Like it was a common conception of women that masculine men are likely to be more unfaithful than those with softer physic. A man with a square jaw, large nose and small eyes are perceived to be among those who are mostly after lust than love. Such looks according to women are good for dating but bad for settlement. Women were also found to be ready to date a masculine man but prefer a softer man to be her husband. Though it was known for sometimes, that subtle facial expressions can portray a lot of information like the physical status and also some personality traits like introversion. This study probably for the first time established that these subtle facial expressions assist people in making romantic decisions.


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