Attila at the age of two months!

My son has just crossed the two months mark !! and he is doing fine. Thanks to the almighty for his overall well being.

I am from a Joint family which gradually became clusters of nuclear families after the demise of my grand parents. A joint family according to me is always a best place for a child to grow for the child is guaranteed of collective protection and is afforded collective education in social manners which makes them more compatible with life . Now due to several financial and other socio-economic causes these families are getting extinct by the day . Its heartening as well as disheartening to know of a mother of five children in the contemporary time. Well One can argue that this is something which should not be encouraged as bigger families would put undue stress on the limited resources of the world as well as the family concerned, But if a family has the means to sustain its large number of members then I believe its the best thing to be called a family. I wish ' NA ' a good luck to be able to manage 5 children in modern times. Read more about some one who dares unlike me to sustain a family with more than 5 children. It must be tough sometimes, as I find it difficult to manage my small Attila even for a small time when my partner is not around. So I am sure Na will not mind giving tips and advices to those who needs help in matters of parent, relationship, kid and their psychology.

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