Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations of the World!

For the newly married ones, going to an exotic location for honeymoon, is the ultimate fantasy! There are thousands of well-known and remote romantic locations around the world. It is really tough to compile a complete list of all the destinations. Here is a list that I have compiled, which lets you know about the preferred destinations for the newly weds:

1. Bora Bora---This is a highly preferred honeymoon locale, with crystalline seas and powdery beaches. It is a small island group with great scenic beauty.

2. Mauritius---Mauritius has remained the unanimous choice for honeymoon couples for ages, because of its magical aura and beaches, greenery, sun and sand.

3. Barbados---The Caribbeans are a hot favorite romantic destination for any traveler, especially for couples. Barbados is an island in the Caribbeans, which enchants visitors with its white sand, beautiful beaches, lush greenery, and turquoise seas.

4. Maldives----This Island attracts visitors around the world, because of its excellent natural surroundings, great beaches, crystalline seas, and great food! It is a highly preferred spot for honeymoon couples.

5. Aruba----This Island is also part of the Caribbean islands; popularly known as lovers' paradise, it attracts honeymooners across the world!

6. France---France is a beautiful country, ideal for honeymooners and travelers. It has mountains, lakes, rivers, cathedrals, buildings, to name a few.

7. Thailand---Thailand is a wonderful country, attracting travelers around the world. Sun kissed beaches, great cuisine, azure seas, and amazing shopping, makes Thailand an ideal romantic destination!

8. Singapore---Singapore is a romantic's delight, offering you everything from great locales, hotels, shopping, beaches, gardens, and natural surroundings. A must for every newly wed!
9. Seychelles---Wind, surf, and sand make Seychelles a romantic spot for every honeymoon couple. The white sand in the beaches makes this place highly alluring!

10. Italy---Italy is a beautiful country with various romantic places like Venice, Florence, Rome, Milan, Naples, etc. Italy has the perfect blend of old world charm and modernism, which makes it so fascinating!

By Indraneel Batabyal


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