Sunderban is a myriad phenomenon

The Sunderban is an extensively stretched area in West Bengal, India. It covers a distance of 1330.10 sq km with prime sanctuaries encapsulated namely Lothian Island, holiday Island and Sajnekhali. With lush green outfields and dense forest to add to its myriad beauty, it is indeed a treat for all the nature lovers. To add to the tally, it is also said to be the largest reservoir of tigers. Situated along the banks of the Ganges and Bhramaputra, Sunderban promises to be the most conducive place for the growth of Mangrove forest. Least to say, it is indeed said to be one of the largest Mangrove forest in India.

Sunderban is also widely known for the wide array of fauna species that it provides with. The visitors also get to see a vast variety of tall grasses and thick forest because of its soothing climatic conditions and impeccable moisturizing conditions. It wouldn’t be wrong if one says that the beauty and the serenity of the place is as good as any other forest in the world. Various species of floral plants found in this region are Sonneratia Alba, Sonneratia Apetala, Passu, Khalsi, Kankran, goran, Sundari and many more. The wild beauty of the place is also enticing to a large extent. With more than 400 species of tigers found in this region, (The most famous being the royal Bengal tiger), you can expect yourself to be amidst the best forest in the world.

Part from the tigers, the tourists also get to see a vast variety of rhesus monkeys, Chital Deer, Ridely Sea Turtle and crocodile. Such animals are more often than not noticed dwelling in the exterior as well as the interiors of the Sunderban Region. Apart from the above mentioned animals, huge number of perilous reptiles are also noticed in this area namely Rock Python, Water monitor and King Cobra. Such species of animals and reptiles are generally found in the swampy or the muddy areas of Sunderban.

Sunderban is also the most sought after area for bird watching for the tourists can find birds like Kingfisher, White-bellied Sea Eagle, Turtles, Pelican, Kanak, Whimbrels, Lap-wings, Curfews, Plovers and Sand-Pipers.

What on an earth can an individual ask, if he/she is at Sunderbans. Places like these would surely have been a treat to the eyes of great poets like Shelly and Wordsworth, who, throughout their lives were in love with nature and its myriad phenomena.


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