Tricks of getting more dates at parties

If you are a loner and are looking for more dates then consider going to a party. That is correct parties are the best place to socialize and meet new people. There will be more than one instance that you can get the opportunity of getting to know a lot of people at a party. If you are lucky enough, you will certainly be seeing a solitary individual shying away from the rest. Such people feel out of the place and to hide from the crowd they take a corner seat. You can develop a pick up line like “Hi, saw you sitting here for a while” or be creative and say “did you not notice at the door, I am from welcome team” to strike a conversation. The wallflower will surely break its silence and get talking to you. In case he or she is not interested you can move onto someone more exciting.

Some people say that standing by the food area is a good idea which turns you into a sociable creature instantly. Many people pass by this place and you can start talking to a stranger within no time at all. You can start conversing about the food like “the tartar sauce is really yummy” and you never know you may start building a bond. Another way to get a date is to compliment others. Be generous but do not go overboard as it may sound phony. However telling someone that they look nice in one way or the other is always good.

In other words what you need to do is to wear a positive attitude with a warm smile. This is a killer combination that is really hard to resist. You do not have to dress up or be the life of a party, you can make people like you in simple ways. There is no point in acting arrogant and taking names at public gathering. So avoid doing such things and instead focus on yourself and your grooming. Show people that you are a well groomed and educated person in place of showing off. This is more attractive than a Versace outfit for sure!

Another way to get more dates at parties is by appreciating people. This will make you look gracious and help you gain many friends. Most importantly work on your confidence and let the whole world know that you have arrived there.


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