The power of 108 rudraksha

The Rudraksh Mala is a necklace woven with the seeds of an evergreen tree of the same name that is used as prayer beads by a section of Hindu households. Most of such people are staunch devotees of Lord Shiva and chant various mantras during the day and night holding and counting these 108 beads by hand. These beads are said to have special spiritual and cosmic significance that can heal and cure mortal beings.

It is felt that for a variety of reasons the number of beads that a Rudraksh mala holds is limited to 108. Twelve times eight makes 108. These two numbers have great significance for the Hindu religion as they are considered auspicious. Also, 108 adds up to 9 if the numbers are added individually (giving rise to the lucky 9).

The great epic for Hindus, the Mahabharata, has mentioned 108 names for Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. Similarly, there are 108 names of Hindu Goddesses. There are Upanishads available which are 108 in number. This aspect of Indian mythology seems to have inspired the 108 beads of a Rudraksh rosary.

Sanskrit, which is the earliest language of the Hindus, has a total of 108 letters (54 letters
with masculine and feminine variations) and that is said to be an important reason why the Rudraksh has 108 beads. Hindus believe that there are 108 lies that humans can tell and 108 desires that they have to constantly cope with. In addition to this, there are 108 feelings of the heart equally divided among the past, present and future. There are 12 houses with 9 planets in the solar system and multiplying the 2 numbers will give the same result. If the number is split up, then it 1 is meant to depict God, 0 to express wholeness and 8 to show eternity.

Scientifically speaking, it is proven that if one is in a state of relaxation and peace for an entire day, then a total of 108 deep breaths is enough to supply the required amount of oxygen for the body. A 108 degree angle is formed with 2 adjacent lines in a pentagon. There are 108 centers of energy in the human body which forms the ‘chakras’ for meditation and there are 108 ways to meditate as well. Dance forms in India are 108 and souls with virtue have 108 good qualities to show.

Such deep and profound thoughts have gone behind the making of every Rudraksh Mala. This is precious as it provides hope and optimism to many.


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